Tips to Select Android Mobile Phones Based on Your Needs

Android Mobile Phones

Every android mobile phone has its benefits. However, sometimes many features make the users get confused about operating it. Before determining to choose the best android mobile phones, it needs to understand your needs where it is supporting your daily activities at For example, if you love photography, you must buy the best quality camera on your phone. To help you in buying the right one, these are some tips to choose the right android phone.

Choosing OS Android or iOS

If it is seen from the number of sales, android is mostly used than iOS. Furthermore, the choice of android phones is more various than iOS where it is only used for the iPhone. Both have their leading features where it cannot be found in the other operating system. But, the features are possibly had both. What are the differences between iOS and android?

–      iOS 

Apple has brought an updating process of iOS 13 on the latest phone products, the series of iPhone 11. The leading features of iOS 12 are the addition of Memoji, dark mode, screen time, and menstruation cycle tracking. The updating process of iOS can be used by starting on iPhone 6s and after it.

Choosing OS Android or iOS

Choosing OS Android or iOS

 – Android 

It is different from a new iOS getting a dark mode. A previous android mode has adopted that mode where it is wider than Android 10. The leading features of this operating system are screen recording, privacy control, focus mode, and QR mode for sharing wifi.

Today, Google has released the latest version, Android 10. However, no many brands of android mobile phones update it. Google Pixel is the first phone using Android 10. You don’t get worried because Google has announced where it gives an operating system updating in android phones. However, you must be patient because it is conducted gradually.

 Considering the Features of Android Mobile Phones 

After selecting the right operating system, it is time to consider the embedded features of android mobile phones. What are they?


Firstly, you should concern about the durability of the phone’s battery. The battery capacity can be detected by the amount of mAh had by the phone. The phone with the huge capacity is suitable to use for the people who have chances to recharge it.

Choosing OS Android or iOS

Choosing OS Android or iOS


The next one is about external and internal memory. If you love saving more photos and videos and use many applications, you need to select the big saving capacity. Most of the phones are recently providing limited internal memory. The size of internal memory is various starting from 64GB, 12GB, and even 256 GB. Some phones offer a slot of microSD to make the capacity higher. You can select the best one.


RAM is another feature of concern. The phone performance is determined by the RAM capacity. If the phones are used for playing games with high graphics, it is exactly selecting the high RAM capacity.

Adjusting to Your Budget 

A high-quality phone is surely sold at a high price. You should adust to your financial budget. If you have an unlimited budget, you can select high-end android mobile phones. But, if you don’t have it, choose the affordable one.