Tips for Buying Used Android Smartphones in 2020

Android Smartphones in 2020

Many people prefer to buy a used smartphone rather than new ones. The reason is predictable because the price is much cheaper. However, buying a used smartphone is like buying a cat in a sack. Well, we do not know for sure the actual condition of the second smartphone. The body can be smooth, but we don’t know the inside. So, how to buy a used smartphone in 2020? Check the following tips.

Buy an old stock smartphone

The first tip for buying a used smartphone is to try to look for items in the “Old Stock” condition. What is it? Actually, you already know, old stock means products that are not sold, but they are still sealed. Many sellers offer old stock items, usually, these items have no warranty support anymore or they are old type flagship smartphone models that used to be expensive.

Buy a used smartphone with warranty support

Look for items that are still under warranty, if possible, look for an android device whose warranty is still old and has only been used for a few months. If your target smartphone is really hard to find that is still a warranty, at least look for a new warranty period. So it’s not a smartphone that has been used for 2-3 years.

Android Smartphones in 2020

Android Smartphones in 2020

Consider the android version

When you buy a used smartphone, you should consider the Android version. Many used smartphones still support KitKat and Jelly Bean. These android versions are outdated. Some applications may no longer be compatible with these android versions. Therefore, if you buy a used Android smartphone, you must choose an Android version above 6.0.

Check physical conditions

The display certainly is the first thing we check. Make sure the smartphone body looks smooth and fits the description that the seller wrote. If you say it smooth but it turns out there are blisters and chunks then don’t accept it if necessary cancel.

Check completeness and all functions

Then check the accessories and all functions whether it is in accordance with the description from the seller. Check the IMEI on the cellphone and box. Also make sure, the completeness of the original accessories. The following physical conditions you must check:

  • Check the Home button, Power button, and Volume button. Make sure it’s still soft and goes well without being weird. Because the components are known to be easily damaged.
  • Make sure the authenticity of the earphones, even though you may not necessarily use them, but make sure the earphones are still original and store well to maintain the price. Maybe next time you want to upgrade to a higher version.
  • Check the charger adapter and USB cable, make sure it is functioning and not loose.
  • Check the audio jack and make sure it isn’t slow.

Consider the price

Every buyer likes cheap prices for the smartphone you want to buy? Usually every second-hand smartphone there will be a used price that is the benchmark, but if the price is actually far from the benchmark price, you need to beware of it. Maybe the smartphone is not original or has been badly damaged, so the price is below average.

Choose a secure transaction

It is important to choose a safe transaction before you purchase a used android smartphone. Nowadays, you can buy used smartphones online. There are some e-commerce websites that sell used smartphones with safe payment. You can even pay it with Cash on the Delivery system. You should not transfer the money if you do not know the seller to avoid fraud. It is better if you buy a used smartphone and meet the seller directly.