Some Ethics When You Answer Phone Calls

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Have you ever felt annoyed when you called someone and was made to wait a long time, or an important message that you left didn’t arrive? Do not let all that happen to other people who call you. Here are the ethics you should know when receiving a call.

Get to know the technology

There are many features that you can rely on your phone. The most important thing, you should understand the basic capabilities that exist, such as transferring calls to another telephone, pressing the hold button when the caller has to wait or changing the phone to fax mode when there are important letters the caller wants to send. Do not let bad things happen and you even panic due to your stuttering in technology.

Answer the phone call immediately

You should not let the phone ring three times when you know that someone is calling you. You might not want to be disturbed, but it will be better if you answer the call immediately so the caller won’t feel disappointed.

Always say greeting when receiving a phone call

A good ethic in receiving phone calls is to say greeting when you answer the phone. For instance, you can say “hello, who is speaking?”. You can use language and if you are not familiar with foreign languages. In addition, you should also not forget to ask who is calling.

Answer in a Professional and Courteous manner

When you are in the office, try to say hello when receiving a call while not forgetting to mention the agency where you work with friendly and confident. Who knows the caller is your big client. Stop all your other activities first and try to concentrate when taking a call. Answer the phone slowly in a clear voice and don’t seem lazy. If you happen to be outdoors, look for a quiet place so that surrounding noises don’t disturb your telephone conversations.

Prepare notes

This is a powerful weapon so that you can remember all the important messages the caller is conveying. Always prepare notes and pens near the phone, so that if there is a message that needs to be delivered, you can immediately take notes right away. If you have to make a call to a coworker who happens to be not present, give the caller the choice whether he wants to leave a message, or try calling again a few hours later. Never give another person’s mobile number without the owner’s consent, because the mobile number is personal.

Don’t talk when the caller is talking

Speaking in a telephone call is just like speaking in front of the public directly. So, you must have a manner of communication where you are not allowed to talk when the caller is talking or interrupting. Listen carefully and talk when she or she is silent.

Finally, those are some of the ethics of receiving phone calls in general. Whoever calls you, you should be kind and polite. They will be happy to communicate with you when you also know how to communicate well.